No Jiggity, No Doubt

For today’s blog update I thought I’d talk about the importance of making jigs on site.Ever since I can remember I’ve adapted, modified and recycled materials and old tools to beused for an abundance of useful aids on various jobs. From the humble hole in the bottomof an old bucket trick, used to direct waste […]

If you can’t tie knots, tie lots!

If you can’t tie knots, tie lotsOne of my current jobs is a full restoration of a barn supposedly dated around 1000 years old and is believed to be mentioned in the Domesday book.Being the geek that I am, I bought the book translated from Latin and here is what is said, ‘Reginald holds Cornwood […]

Humps, bumps and rainy-day grumps?

In 2018 I was approached to complete a re-roof on a Georgian property in the Scottish Borders. I’ve been passionate about working on heritage building for as long as I can remember. So that, combined with my hobby of rock climbing, I came back with the quick decision of ‘yes’. Knowing I could work somewhere […]