Mayan – Case Study July 2023

Products:Mayan ArmouredSlate Low Pitch Roofing SystemMayan RealVergeMayan All-in-One RealRidgeSSQ Riverstone Ultra slates Project:Wrap around, lean-to extension. Coastal region, Weymouth, Dorset. Existing roof:Built 10 years ago, in order to overcome an issue with a side entrance door, the construction of this roofwas modified which subsequently resulted in the roof being pitched at 10 degrees rather than […]

Mayan All-in-One RealRidge

We are proud to share these photographs from a site in Herefordshire where the roof was finished using our All-in-One RealRidge. The natural slate ridge was ordered with a variety of preformed angles to fit the complex roof design perfectly, with block ends and hip ends to add the finishing touch. The contractor described the […]

Lead the misunderstood outlier of building materials

In the last few months it has become apparent to me on my social media accounts that lead is very much misunderstood and stigmatised by a large group of people. It is often demonised around the world. Relatively safe in it’s solid form, it is an invaluable, super versatile and durable product which would be […]

Isotropic Dreams For Anisotropic Roofers. Are Diamonds Really Forever?!

Functionality,  longevity and aesthetics I often fantasise about what makes a great roof… Is it using the very best materials on offer? Is it the amount of rare or obscure details? Is it the system used that could provide a centurion roof life? Is it the design? There’s so many factors we could go on […]

Lead Welding

Did you know you can weld lead with anything that’s hot enough to melt lead (327.5C). Traditionally leadworkers would use a hot iron to join two pieces. These days most leadworkers use a mix of oxygen and acetylene.  There are however various other choices of gasses including hydrogen, propylene or propane available.  Various sizes of […]

Regulating The Roofing Industry

I know the thought of regulating the roofing industry may scare a lot of people in the roofing game but I feel like we are at a crossroads with the ever expanding skills gap getting wider and the amount of rouge traders in the industry. My company predominantly operates in the private homeowner sector and […]

Will I ever Be A Roofer?

When serving my apprenticeship in roof slating and tiling, I always used to think “will I ever be a roofer ?” I was super keen and interested and always worked as hard as I could but I just felt so overwhelmed in the first couple of years. There was so much information to take in. […]

Top 5 Tips For An Apprentice Roofer

When you start out as an apprentice roofer there is going to be a lot to learn and take in but try not to panic as you don’t have to learn everything in the first year. Even when you are through your apprenticeship and become a qualified roofer this is very similar to getting your […]

Learn To Fail Or Fail To Learn?

As a community I think it’s important we help one another out from time to time. The construction  industry in the UK as a whole can be quite an ugly scene, and for no real rhyme nor reason. There’s  plenty of work out there and plenty of places to up-skill if one requires improvements in […]

Were The Old Ways Better?

There have been several times in my career that I’ve learned an old methodology that is superior to the new ones or the ones I was currently using. The most recent not only feels like an all-around better way, but it’s also just a lot more fun. Sealing up cast iron down pipes and soil […]