About the AMR

The Association of Master Roofers is a not for profit organisation founded by industry professionals for the betterment of UK roofing standards and competence.
We focus on enhancing the profile of roofing within the UK by recognising and rewarding skill and good practice in all areas of roofing, from manufacturing to installation and all the myriad of roles and disciplines within it. 

The association provides piece of mind for home owners, architects and manufacturers who choose to use our specialist members to carry out projects, With the additional security of an insurance backed guarantee and a competence criteria for all entrants which insures a high level of knowledge and skill displayed by the members. 

Our team are seasoned professionals in the roofing sector, some are craftspeople, others are supply chain professionals, national business professionals, mentors and experts in the training sector, All of whom have a huge passion for making positive change in UK roofing. This mix of individuals gives us a large and valuable understanding of the roofing sector.

Celebrate craftsmanship:

To recognise and celebrate craftsmanship in all its forms, from new build low cost housing to heritage restoration projects and everything in between. The key is quality workmanship across the board.

Working for the betterment of the roofing industry:

To selflessly act for the overall progress and enhancement of the roofing industry in all it’s forms.

Showcase good work and working practices:

To highlight and reward acts of good workmanship, working practices and work ethics.

Supporting industry manufacturers:

To work with, and offer support and feedback to all manufacturers in the industry who are an integral part of the roofing industry.

Retaining traditional roof skills:

To work hard to promote, nurture and retain the traditional roof skills in the UK.

Create support and value for our members:

To focus attention to member benefits for our association members in all forms, for recognised individuals, Contractors and Corporate members. To create a rigorous and robust vetting process to ensure the Association of Master Roofers represents an industry standard in quality members.

Combatting the skills gap in the UK roofing sector:

To focus on improving the skills gap within our area of construction by raising the profile of roofing in a positive and attractive way.

Provide a network of nationwide hubs to support and train skills roofers:

To work to connect people with the upskilling they need throughout the UK by working closely with training providers.

Work to support roof training groups in the UK:

To support and work with the UK roof training groups collaboratively for the overall betterment of the roofing sector.

Focus on innovative roofing trends and green positive initiatives for the future:

To work to keep abreast of changes and innovations in roofing which are significant in the future evolutions of roofing and roofing work practices.

Why join the AMR?

The Association of Master Roofers works closely with architects and specifiers and also has a dedicated homeowners’ hub. This means that contractors have more chances of winning significant work projects, especially when they are officially listed as a specialist.

You can join the association from as little as £295 plus VAT per year, with an additional vetting fee, making membership very affordable even for small businesses.

Industry accreditaion

Membership of AMR offers many useful benefits and perks, not least industry accreditation.

It gives you, as roofers, a strong and positive appearance to your company within the industry. Each potential member is strictly vetted in their own area of roofing before being accepted by AMR. Your clients can therefore be confident of receiving the highest level of professionalism in both your skills and your delivery.

AMR supports its members with quotation templates, health and safety documents, risk assessment and method statement templates. These and much more downloadable content are available via the dedicated members’ area.

You will have your own personal login area where you can make use of the many online resources available, as well as populating and presenting your own dedicated profile section.  Each specialist contractor area contains photo upload functionality, logo, biography and contact information for your company.

This is also integrated into the ‘Find a contractor’ search functionality within the homeowners’ hub.

​All AMR members offer both deposit protection and insurance-backed guarantees for each new roof contract.  Not only does this offer additional peace of mind to your customers, it gives you a competitive edge over other contractors in your area of work.

When quoting for work, AMR will supply an accompanying letter for you to include in quotes, which will highlight your membership and emphasise that you are part of an industry benchmark in quality and professionalism.

Members also benefit from discount on training through the NCTS/Master Roofers training academies, saving you money on training staff and maintaining a quality workforce in your company.

In the unfortunate event that you may need legal advice or HR support, AMR offers a 24-hour support helpline where you can gain assistance on many business-related issues as follows:

  • Insurance backed gaurantees
  • Legal helpline
  • Free business mentoring session*
  • Member profile section
  • Discounts on training
  • Technical support
  • Free health & safety packs and support
  • Discounts on insurance.

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