National online questionnaire

The UK Roofing Census is a national online questionnaire conducted by MRUK on an annual basis. Launching in 2022, the census will ask a myriad of questions to the roofing community within the UK and will glean vital insights into the typical trends and behaviours of contractors, staff and company activities. 

This census will be important to all of us and may help to shape the roofing industry, by giving insights into what roofers want and need. It may help in simple ways, such as addressing supply demands for materials and products and may drive new product design to meet the needs of roofers.

Key areas of focus

Four key areas will be featured in the census.

At work

We will ask about roofers’ habits, behaviours and trends, as well as work hours, working practices, types of contract, disciplines covered, staff numbers, employment status and vehicles.


In-depth questions regarding materials, material use and purchasing, where materials are sourced, materials used, delivery times and annual materials cost.


How the business runs on a day-to-day basis, business structure, invoicing, quotation, site inspection and surveying.

Finances & Earnings

Information will be sought on contractors and roofing staff finance, annual turnover, staff wages, business growth, average contract size, hourly rate and day rate.

How to take part?

The census is open to anyone wishing to participate; in fact, even the MRUK staff will complete the census!

The results of the census are completely anonymous and the information you send us at the beginning of the form will not be shared or displayed with census results. This means you can answer the questions openly and honestly.

To get involved in the census, just hang tight and we will announce the dates when it will be ready for the public to begin completing it.
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Prizes and goodies!

When you complete the census, you will be entered into a prize raffle. 

There will be many different prizes on offer, from roofing tools to vouchers, clothing, work gear and lots more. 

The prize fund will be huge – so being part of the census is a great idea for anyone thinking of taking part.

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