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Welcome to Wienerberger UK.

We support and enable the construction industry to create a better future for the built environment. We do this by providing a wide range of systems and solutions, creating long-lasting partnerships and nurturing exceptional, enduring careers.

Our global experience, local expertise and innovation combine to make buildings – and our customers’ businesses – perform brilliantly and sustainably.

We are proven problem solvers, taking customers’ projects from idea to completion and beyond. We deliver on our promises and act as a true ally, supporting customers’ success and giving peace of mind. Our partnerships with architects, housebuilders, merchants and housing authorities help them to realise their needs and exceed expectations.

We support and empower our people with training, development and opportunities, fostering a strong, safe, inclusive culture.

We adopt new production methods and materials to lower the built environment’s impact and make a positive difference to our communities and society.

Together we are future-building.

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