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For five generations, family-owned Monument Tools have designed, manufactured, and marketed professional quality tools for plumbing, heating and gas engineers, roofing and drainage specialists.

We are based in Hackbridge, Surrey and named after the Monument to the Great Fire of London in 1666.

Regular ‘focus’ groups consisting of professional end users, ensure that both existing and new product development remain relevant to the marketplace.

Our in-house manufacture ensures that service levels are kept to a high level and that we can be completely flexible to customers’ requirements.

The vast majority of Monument’s products ranging from small pipe cutters to manhole cover lifters are proudly Made in Britain.

Monument Tools remains an innovative, UK based, privately owned company, managed by the Collier family offering quality, craftsmanship and a legacy of manufacturing experience. Ongoing investment in our manufacturing processes and product design have made us one of the largest hand tool manufacturers in Europe.

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