Specifying the Right Underlay for Your Project

Alicia Garfoot, Products & Systems Design Technician at Wienerberger Underlay, felt, membranes. Whichever term you prefer to use, they are a key component when constructing any roof, offering a second protective barrier from the elements. All roof tiles can let some water through in extreme circumstances and therefore it is the job of the underlay […]

Roofing Reimagined: Why Broadening Your Product Portfolio is the Key to Success

Every merchant wants to stock quality products that are in demand. The question is, in a market full of choice, how do you choose? How can you make sure that your stock matches the requirements of your customers? First, you need to put yourself in your customers’ steel toe-capped boots. What are the products and […]

An Insight into Roof Tile Design

By Jacob Hill, Technical Manager, Wienerberger When I tell people I work in design for a manufacturer of roof tiles, I always receive the same response, “Isn’t a roof tile just a roof tile?”. However, the reality is a lot of work goes into the design of every roof tile Wienerberger produce. From experience in other industries, I can confirm as much thought goes into the […]

Learn On The Go

In a 2021 survey conducted by CITB (Construction Industry Training Board), 32% of respondents, which compromised of both self-employed construction workers as well as employers, believed that labour shortages were a limiting factor in sales and output.  This will be in part due to the reduced uptake of apprenticeships during the pandemic.  However, this year […]