How to Select the Best Breathable Roof Membrane

In this article we are going to outline why you want to use breather membrane in your build, and how to select the best one for purpose. What is a breather membrane?  A breather membrane helps the building to breathe and release moisture trapped inside, while protecting it from the elements. Moisture and air passes […]

How To Turn Your Attic Or Loft Into Living Space

Ever since the rise in popularity of TV programmes like Homes Under The Hammer, and Location, Location, Location, everyone is now aware of the potential for adding value to their home.  One of the best ways to increase the value is to extend the usable residential space, and an attic or loft is a prime […]

How to measure roof pitch

There are several reasons why you may need to work out the pitch (angle) of your roof.  For example if you’re planning an extension, purchasing a sky light, or replacing tiles. When calculating your roof pitch, you are trying to find out how much the roof rises over one foot.  To do this, you will […]

Why Opt For a Dry Ridge System on Your Roof?

The ridge of your roof is the part that runs along the top, usually these curved tiles are fixed with cement mortar.  However there are some pitfalls with using this traditional method; Over time the cement mortar can disintegrate or break away in poor weather.   Dislodged tiles can cause a hazard if they fall from […]

How Many Roof Tiles Do I Need?

When installing a new roof, or replacing an old one, one of the major purchases is the tiles and it’s important to buy an accurate quantity for your needs.  Too few and your job will be left unfinished, possibly compromising the schedule,  not to mention that the roof will be left open to the elements.  […]

Does mortar have a place in modern roofing construction?

I have written many articles advocating the use of dry fix product such as ridge, hip and verge systems, with all the benefits they bring to modern roof construction.  However, we must not forget that mortar has been used in roofing for a very long time.  Middle Eastern builders used a material similar to concrete […]