How roof underlay specification can helpmake a retrofit project a success

All roof coverings and underlays need to be replaced at some point during a building’s useful life. When that time comes, how can the next generation of roof membranes help existing buildings to meet current performance requirements and be resilient for the future? Pamela Howat, Senior Technical Advisor at A. Proctor Group looks at some […]

Avoiding costly call-backs

In these tough economic times money is tighter than ever and getting a roof right first time has never been more important.  If a contractor must go back to rectify problems, most, if not all the profit made on a job may be lost; in some cases, it may result in the contractor not being […]

Controlling condensation in pitched roofs

As we strive to improve the energy efficiency of our homes, greater levels of thermal insulation and air tightness reduce the average temperatures within the roof structure.  Warm moist air, generated within the living spaces, can find its way through the ceiling into the cold roof space.  Controlling condensation within our buildings remains one of […]

Does mortar have a place in modern roofing construction?

I have written many articles advocating the use of dry fix product such as ridge, hip and verge systems, with all the benefits they bring to modern roof construction.  However, we must not forget that mortar has been used in roofing for a very long time.  Middle Eastern builders used a material similar to concrete […]

Why every roofer should have a copy of BS 8000-6

BS 8000 is a set of British Standards for workmanship on building sites, with Part 6 specifically for clay and concrete tiles, natural slates and fibre cement slates, for covering roofs and walls.  Part 6; I shall refer to it from now on as BS 8000-6, was first published in 1990.  It was then revised […]

A Roofing Contractors Checklist

In this, my first article for Master Roofers UK, I will run through some of the points contractors should be looking for and checking, prior to and during the installation of the roof.  You may think that most of this is obvious, but only very recently I was called upon to provide a fixing calculation […]