It’s Now Easier To Do The Right Thing By Bats

Bats play a crucial role as natural pest suppressors, but finding suitable roosting spots in
urban areas has become increasingly difficult due to better improved modern building
practices. The Manthorpe Bat Ridge Roost™ provides a solution by offering these important
creatures a new home on the outside at our ridge ends.
Developed in partnership with the Bat Conservation Trust, this innovative product provides a
roosting habitat shaped for small crevice-dwelling bat species in the UK. It’s situated at the
roof’s apex, giving bats the elevated vantage point they prefer, while offering protection from
predators and the elements.
The interior was carefully designed with real bats in mind. Climbing grooves, a rough recycled
polymer surface, and an insulated chamber create an inviting temperature-stable
environment to call home. Multiple prototypes were refined based on bat feedback!
Importantly, the Ridge Roost integrates seamlessly with both new construction and
renovation projects. Its two-part installation works with dry verge systems and traditional
verge details, avoiding disruptions to building timelines. Crucially, it mounts on the exterior,
providing dedicated bat housing without entry points into the roof space itself.
From thermal design with university testing to unobtrusive modern aesthetic standards, to
integration with existing building methods, the Ridge Roost was developed with the
construction industry’s needs in mind. But most importantly, it offers a sustainable solution
supporting urban biodiversity.
So, for your next residential development or renovation, consider the Manthorpe Bat Ridge
Roost – your bat neighbours will appreciate having a secure and enclosed place in the