All-in-one RealRidge

All-in-one RealRidge is the bestselling dry ridge system from Mayan roofing systems. The beautiful, eye-catching ridge system is part of the RealRidge range, the only ridges made of natural slate for a premium appearance. 

The modern RealRidge range of products has been in development for many years. The patented built-in connector system means they are extremely quick and easy to install, and the high-end fixings and durable quality means RealRidge is the modern solution that contractors and customers have been extremely excited about.

The success of the natural slate RealRidge shows that contractors are keen to finish a job to the highest standard. The savings in installation time and no need for extra fixings mean the cost difference from traditional ridge systems is minimal, but the difference in the final appearance and performance is significant.

The built-in vent system provides proven high-level ventilation, which reduces the risk of callbacks for future condensation issues.

Customers do not want to compromise by choosing a ridge that ruins the appearance of a beautiful slate roof and have been requesting RealRidge to finish in style.

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