Master Roofers joins forces with Monument tools

Monument tools have long been a respected manufacturer within the global tool market. Steeped in history and tradition, the tool manufacturer has been around for more than 130 years, having been founded by the Collier family in 1888. Now 5 generations on, and Jonathon Collier still is now carrying the torch for a bright future […]

First 12 months of with NCTS have been a ‘Dream Partnership’ says Stewart Rowles.

As we approach the end of the first year of MRUK partnering with National Construction Training Service (NCTS) We spoke to Managing Director of NCTS, Nigel Johnston about the collaborative partnership and how it has benefited the roofing industry in many ways.  Nigel Johnston told us: “The partnership with Master Roofers has been fantastic, not […]

Master Roofers gives a leg up to a talented young student

Back in 2020 we were contacted by Danny and Debbie Knight from Manchester who were keen to put their son Mark on a course with us at the NCTS/Master Roofers Training Academy in Salford. Mark who at the time was just 14 had left the standard school system to be home taught by Debbie and […]

A new head of sponsorship for MRUK

We are extremely pleased to introduce you to Steve Reynolds. Steve will be our Head of sponsorship and will help MRUK to make meaningful connections with manufacturers and service providers in the roofing industry. Steve has vast experience in the roofing sector with more than 40 years in various roles including being a tradesman himself […]

MRUK appoints new head of UK Roof Craft

MRUK are pleased to announce the appointment of our new manager of UK Roof Craft. Chris Miller will join the MRUK team as Head of UK Roof Craft and will deal with the overall running of the competition with assistance from other staff here at the Master Roofer HQ. Chris has spent his working life […]