UK Roof Craft Competition 2022

Master Roofers UK are excited to present UK Roof Craft 2022, a national roofing competition devoted to showcasing the skills and ability of roofers in the UK. 

Our passionate industry sponsors help fund the competition, which enables us to organise the event and logistics involved.

The competition is open to anyone in the UK over the age of 18, and is divided into four different categories and two age groups as follows:

18 – 25 years: The Open Class

26 years+: The Masters Class

The four competition categories are:

  • Slating
  • Tiling
  • Leadwork
  • Hardmetals

You can find more information about the categories here.

How the competition runs

The heat round

A two-day assessment held at the NCTS/Master Roofers Training Academies. Participants will book a slot at one of the centres and will be allocated a date to attend this round. A competition examiner will base your scores on factors such as neatness, attention to detail, accuracy with measuring etc. At the end of the heat rounds, all of the competition examiners’ score sheets will be checked, and the four highest-scoring competition from each category will be invited to attend the final of UK Roof Craft 2022.


Registration opens from the 3rd January until 3rd May 2022

The heat round will begin on the 8th March and run until 7th July 2022.

Once you register, you will be sent a UK Roof Craft competition pack with lots of useful information about the competition, including hints and tips from judges on what they will expect to see,  advice on time-keeping for the tasks and much more.

*competitors may need to arrange overnight accommodation; local accommodation options and travel information will be provided in your welcome pack.

The Finals 

A five-day event held which will take place during October 2022 in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire (dates to be confirmed). There will be trade stalls as well as visitors from the industry, schools and colleges. There will also be roofing-related seminars and demonstrations to get involved in.

Architects, specifiers and industry professionals are welcome to attend the event with free admission. 

Visitors will need to pre-register for the event here.

Finalists from all categories and classes will meet here. They will compete alongside each other on four roofing rigs over 16 hours; these hours will run on consecutive days, typically comprising two days of 8 hours each.

There are eight separate competition awards to be won:

  • Slate Roof: Open Class / Masters Class
  • Tiled Roof: Open Class / Masters Class
  • Leadwork: Open Class / Masters Class
  • Hard Metals: Open Class / Masters Class

As a finalist, your accommodation will be taken care of and you will be provided with refreshments during your time at the finals. 

Winners will be announced at the end of the week with a prize-giving ceremony to follow at the Master Roofers Awards in 2023.

Entry Criteria

  • The competition is open for anyone 18 or over in the UK.
  • Under 25s must have a minimum of two year’s experience.
  • Over 25s must have a minimum of three year’s experience.
  • Entrants must have a good understanding of roofing techniques.

Areas which are essential are:


  • Setting out and measuring batten gauges
  • Correct marking and cutting slates with slate knife, break iron and other hand tools
  • Marking valley, verge and hip details
  • Physically healthy and able to lift up to 25kg


  • Setting out and measuring batten gauges
  • Correct marking and cutting tiles with nibblers, hand tools and electric tools
  • Marking valley verge and hip details
  • Ability to work with mortars and trowel
  • Physically healthy and able to lift up to 25kg


  • Setting out and measuring with a good knowledge of regulations
  • The ability to weld lead neatly and without defects
  • The ability to boss lead, i.e. roll ends
  • Physically healthy and able to lift up to 25kg


  • Setting out and measuring materials and details
  • Good knowledge of hard metals like seams, joints and roof details
  • Ability to solder zinc and copper neatly and without defects

Register to enter by visiting

or email