Solar adoption in 2023

How many solar installations are there in the UK?

From the newly updated figures from Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy [1], Marley has analysed the latest solar photovoltaic deployment data to reveal the adoption of solar and record installation across the UK.

The new figures paint a picture of the uptake in solar for 2022, alongside the last ten years’ of solar deployment data. Sam Tebbs, Marley’s project manager for solar systems and training comments on the findings: “Our solar roof tile orders increased significantly in 2022 compared to 2021 sales, and we have trained hundreds of installers to help future proof their business and to meet buyer demand this last year. So we knew it was going to be a record year for the industry, but to see the 4% Y-o-Y increase with 555 MW more installed in 2022 than 2021 [1], really highlights the uptake across the UK. If the same 4% growth is to apply in 2023, this would mean a total installed UK solar capacity of around 15 GW (14.91) by the end of this year!”

How much solar energy is the UK generating?

Since the feed-in-tariff was first introduced in 2010, solar instalment growth rates were exponential until 2016 when they steadied at around 11.8 GW capacity installed. But since then, installation figures [1] have increased by 39.7% from 2016-2022, bringing with it a cumulative solar capacity figure of 14.3 GW of solar to UK homes and commercial properties.