Tile Ventilators

The latest government initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions in buildings can have a direct and significant impact on the risk of condensation. For example, tighter building envelopes with enhanced insulation and airtightness are effective in reducing heat loss and energy consumption, but they can also trap moisture inside buildings. Also, the adoption of high-efficiency […]

Mayan – Case Study July 2023

Products:Mayan ArmouredSlate Low Pitch Roofing SystemMayan RealVergeMayan All-in-One RealRidgeSSQ Riverstone Ultra slates Project:Wrap around, lean-to extension. Coastal region, Weymouth, Dorset. Existing roof:Built 10 years ago, in order to overcome an issue with a side entrance door, the construction of this roofwas modified which subsequently resulted in the roof being pitched at 10 degrees rather than […]

Discover 5 beautifully restored historic buildings

See how these heritage buildings’ roof renovations brought new life to these old gems of British architecture. Britain’s architects, contractors and developers are on a mission to create the built environment of the future – but that doesn’t mean leaving our past behind. Alongside the push to build new residential, commercial and public buildings that […]

Solar adoption in 2023

How many solar installations are there in the UK? From the newly updated figures from Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy [1], Marley has analysed the latest solar photovoltaic deployment data to reveal the adoption of solar and record installation across the UK. The new figures paint a picture of the uptake in solar […]

How to Use Hambleside Danelaw Hub

Since the launch of the Hambleside Danelaw Hub 18 months ago, both contractors and merchants alike have benefitted from the learning courses available on the platform.  Since its inception, new courses have been added, covering both underlays and tile ventilators; with more being developed for release this year. So what is the Hub? An easy-to-use […]

Condensation in the roof space

The recent cold weather has made condensation issues in the home, particularly in the roof space, more obvious. This article explains why there is condensation in the roof space and what can be done about it. Moisture that is generated in the home can manifest in two ways. Visible condensation/moisture can be seen, for example, […]

Protecting & Cleaning Lead on Your Roof

Lead flashing is a material used to waterproof roof areas where joints or transitions exist. Over time, exposure to moisture can cause the buildup of lead carbonate, a white, powdery substance, which can result in unsightly marks on the roof and flashing.  To prevent this, patination oil can be applied to the flashing as a […]

Manthorpe eaves ventilation article

It is estimated that 40% of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK comes from buildings, with 14% of this coming from the housing stock of 28 million homes.  Heating and powering buildings currently accounts for 40% of the UK’s total energy consumption. In June this year, changes to Building Regulations will come into effect which […]

Choosing The Right Roof Tile Underlay

The selection of roof tile underlay may be based on many considerations including ease of handling and forming the correct amount of drape, wind zone suitability and of course cost. It is the wind zone suitability where there is still some misunderstanding and confusion as this is less straightforward than simply the geographical location. Product […]

Arranging necessary equipment quickly and easily

Getting the right equipment for the job can be a frustrating and time-consuming business, time of the roof is precious, running around, chasing quotes, filling in paperwork, opening accounts isn’t something you have time to do! Our handy App – Trade Plant Hire sits on your phone and does the heavy lifting for you, its […]